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Who we are

Japanese business development company

Dorado is a Japanese business development company that focuses on the software and information technology industries. We help overseas companies to penetrate their products and services in Japan. Our research, business development, and marketing activities will drive your sales and minimize your initial investment in the expansion.



Transparency, result-driven, and speed

We operate in the complete opposite of a traditional Japanese business environment, which is slow, black box and process driven. Outcomes require transparency, transparency leads to responsibility, and responsible actions require speed.

Language capability

With our 10 plus years of international business experience has helped customers to enter and grow their businesses in Japan. We have worked with over 30 different countries.

Japan is ranked 38th in the IMD World Talent Ranking in 2020. That is lower than Singapore (9th), Hong Kong(14th), Taiwan(20th), Malaysia (25th ), and Korea(31st ). It is simply very hard to find the right Japanese local company with the right skillsets at the right time.

Competitive price

We know how to educate our team to become a practical global talent even though the global talent supply is surprisingly short and will be for a long time ahead. That makes it possible for us to provide our service at the competitive prices.

Additionally, we have implemented Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to optimize our business process since 2017. While companies seek to lower labor costs, we automate, and constantly improve for the customers we serve.

Business culture understandings

We understand both the overseas and local Japanese business culture to move things forward. This is easier said than done because it changes from time to time and person to person.

The company’s past legacy does not guarantee the customer’s success, unless the company keeps up with the latest markets, people, and technology. Our constant internal transformation enables us and most importantly our clients to make the right decisions.

Agile approach

The agility, we believe, is the most important element of today’s business. The faster we plan, execute, and improve, the faster we can achieve our customers’ goals. We strive ourselves not to comply with the Japanese conventional decision making process.

Our agility comes from our transparency, preciseness, and growth mindset based on the clear objectives and instructions agreed on between us and our customers.

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Know more about us and Japan? Reach out to us now to find out your business potential.

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Minoru Shiina

Over 15 years in the international business arena in logistics, business development, marketing, and sales in Japan. Worked with Fortune 500 companies and small business owners worldwide.