Emergency Call Services in Japan

Emergency Call Services in Japan: How to Seek Police Assistance in Case of Crimes, Accidents, or Other Emergencies

Emergency Call Services in Japan

Learn how to seek police assistance in Japan in case of crimes, accidents, or other emergencies. Find out how to dial the 24/7 emergency line 110 and get the help you need. Remember to provide accurate location information and clear details when reporting the emergency.

Today, we will be discussing emergency call services in Japan. Its important to know how to seek help in case of an emergency, especially when you are in a different country. Lets dive into the details!

1. Dialing 110 for Police Emergencies

If you find yourself in a situation where you need immediate police assistance, dial 110. This emergency line is available 24/7 and you can report crimes, accidents, or any other emergencies requiring police intervention. When calling, try to provide your location accurately and explain the situation clearly.

2. Dialing 119 for Medical Emergencies

If you or someone around you requires urgent medical attention or an ambulance, dial 119. This number is specifically designated for medical emergencies. State your location and the type of emergency when calling, so that the appropriate assistance can be dispatched to your location quickly.

3. Language Assistance

If you are not comfortable speaking Japanese, dont worry! The operators at both the police (110) and medical (119) emergency helplines are trained to provide language support in English, Chinese, Korean, and other major languages. However, its important to note that there might be some limitations in certain areas and smaller towns.

4. Emergency Services for Foreigners

If you are a foreigner in Japan, its recommended to register for the governments Safety Confirmation and Information Service. By doing so, you can receive emergency alerts and important information during natural disasters or other critical situations. This service is available in multiple languages and can be accessed through smartphone applications.

5. Important Contact Information

Here are some additional contact details that you might find useful:

  • Emergency Information Dial: 171
  • Japan Helpline (for foreigners): 0570-000-911
  • Police Non-Emergency Line: 0-501-0110
  • Fire and Ambulance Non-Emergency Line: 0-212-22

Remember, its always a good idea to save these numbers in your phone or keep them handy in case of emergencies. Stay safe and be prepared!


When in Japan, its crucial to be aware of the emergency call services available to you. Whether you need immediate police assistance or medical attention, dialing 110 or 119 respectively will connect you to the right help. Additionally, registering for the Safety Confirmation and Information Service and knowing other important contact details can further enhance your safety in Japan. Stay informed and stay safe!


Minoru Shiina