Minimum Wage in Japan

Exploring Japans Minimum Wage: Insights into How the Country Values its Workforce

Minimum Wage in Japan

Exploring Japans Minimum Wage: Insights into How the Country Values its Workforce. Learn about the current state of Japans minimum wage and how it is determined by each prefecture. Gain valuable insights into how Japan treats its workforce in this informative article.

Today, we are going to explore the current state of the minimum wage in this fascinating country. For those who are curious about how Japan treats its workforce, this article will provide you with valuable insights.

Understanding the Minimum Wage System

In Japan, the minimum wage is the minimum amount that employers are legally required to pay their workers. It is determined by each prefecture, rather than being set at the national level. Prefectural governments establish their own minimum wage rates, taking into account various factors such as the cost of living and economic conditions in their region.

Current Minimum Wage Rates

As of October 2020, the average minimum wage in Japan is around 900 yen per hour. However, please note that this is an average figure and the actual rates can vary significantly depending on the region. Tokyo, being the most expensive city in Japan, has one of the highest minimum wage rates, currently set at 1,001 yen per hour.

To give you some perspective, the minimum wage in Japan has been gradually increasing over the years. Just a decade ago in 2010, the average minimum wage was around 700 yen per hour. This shows the efforts made by the government and regional authorities to improve the living standards of the workforce.

Importance of the Minimum Wage

The minimum wage plays a crucial role in ensuring fair compensation for workers and preventing exploitation. Setting a minimum wage helps protect workers from excessively low wages and provides them with a basic standard of living. It also contributes to reducing income inequality and stimulating consumer spending, which can have a positive impact on the overall economy.


The minimum wage in Japan is a topic of significance that reflects the efforts made by the government and prefectural authorities to support workers and improve their livelihoods. With an average minimum wage of 90 yen per hour, Japan is working towards creating a fair and equitable society for all.


Minoru Shiina