Popular Pets in Japan

The Most Popular Pets in Japan: Exploring Beloved Companions and Their Reasons for Popularity

Popular Pets in Japan

Discover the most popular pets in Japan and why they have become beloved companions. From loyal and intelligent dogs to adorable small-sized breeds like Shiba Inu and Pomeranians, these pets bring joy and companionship to households across the country.

Japan is a country known for its love and devotion towards animals. From cute and cuddly to exotic and rare, Japanese people have a soft spot for pets. In fact, Japan is home to a wide variety of popular pets that have become beloved members of many households. Lets take a look at some of the most popular pets in Japan and the reasons behind their popularity.


Dogs are undoubtedly one of the most popular pets in Japan. Known for their loyalty, intelligence, and affectionate nature, dogs make wonderful companions. Japanese people adore dogs of all breeds and sizes. In fact, small-sized dogs like Shiba Inu, Pomeranians, and Chihuahuas are particularly popular among city dwellers due to their adaptability to small living spaces. Whether its a playful Shiba Inu or an elegant Akita, dogs bring joy and companionship to countless families across Japan.


Cats are also highly cherished pets in Japan. Known for their independent and mysterious nature, cats have a special place in Japanese culture. The most popular cat breed in Japan is the Scottish Fold, famous for its unique folded ears. Japanese people also adore exotic breeds like the Bengal cat and the Ragdoll cat. In recent years, the popularity of cat cafes, where people can enjoy a cup of coffee while spending time with friendly felines, has soared in Japan. These cafes serve as havens for cat lovers who may not be able to have a pet at home due to various reasons.


When it comes to aquatic pets, Japan has a fascinating fascination with fish. The art of keeping fish, known as aquascaping, has become immensely popular in Japan. From beautiful betta fish to colorful koi, fishkeeping has evolved into an art form. Japanese people take great pride in creating stunning underwater landscapes with carefully selected fish and aquatic plants. The serene presence of a fish tank brings a sense of peace and tranquility to many Japanese homes.

Rabbits and Hamsters

Rabbits and hamsters are adored by both children and adults in Japan. These small and adorable pets have found a special place in the hearts of many Japanese pet owners. Rabbits, with their cute floppy ears, and hamsters, with their tiny paws and fluffy cheeks, are known to bring immense joy and happiness to their owners. They are relatively low maintenance pets, making them a popular choice for busy city dwellers.


In recent years, reptiles like turtles, iguanas, and geckos have been gaining popularity as pets in Japan. Their unique appearance and low maintenance requirements make them attractive options for reptile enthusiasts. However, its important to note that owning reptiles requires proper research, care, and commitment due to their specialized needs.


Japan is a country where pets are cherished and treated as part of the family. Whether you prefer the playful companionship of a dog, the mysterious allure of a cat, the tranquil ambiance of a fish tank, or the cuteness overload of a rabbit or hamster, Japan has a pet for everyone. So, if youre ever in Japan, dont be surprised to see how much Japanese people adore their beloved pets!


Minoru Shiina