Understanding BOJ Tankan Survey

Understanding BOJ Tankan Survey: Importance, Methodology, and Insights into Japanese Economy

Understanding BOJ Tankan Survey

Learn about the importance of the BOJ Tankan survey, its methodology, and how it provides key insights into the Japanese economy. Discover how this comprehensive survey measures business sentiment across diverse industries and sizes, gauging factors such as business conditions and employment outlook.

The BOJ Tankan, short for Bank of Japan Tankan survey, is a quarterly economic survey conducted by the Bank of Japan. It is one of the key indicators used to measure the state of the Japanese economy. In this blog post, we will dive into what the BOJ Tankan survey is, how it is conducted, and why it is important.

What is the BOJ Tankan Survey?

The BOJ Tankan survey is a comprehensive survey that measures the sentiment and outlook of Japanese businesses. It covers a wide range of industries and business sizes, providing valuable insights into the overall health of the economy. The survey examines various factors like business conditions, capital expenditure plans, and employment outlook.

How is the BOJ Tankan Survey Conducted?

The BOJ Tankan survey collects data from thousands of Japanese companies selected to represent different sectors and regions. These companies are asked a series of questions about their current business conditions and future expectations. The results are then compiled to create a detailed report that reflects the sentiments of various industries and helps policymakers and economists make informed decisions.

Why is the BOJ Tankan Survey Important?

The BOJ Tankan survey is widely regarded as a reliable indicator of the Japanese economy. It provides insights into the current state of business sentiment, which can influence investment and spending decisions. By closely monitoring the survey results, economists and policymakers can gauge the effectiveness of monetary policies and identify potential emerging trends or risks in the economy.

Moreover, the BOJ Tankan survey helps businesses make informed decisions regarding their future plans. The report provides valuable information about industry-specific conditions, helping companies adjust their strategies accordingly. It also allows businesses to evaluate their own performance in comparison to their peers, fostering healthy competition and growth.


The BOJ Tankan survey is a crucial tool in understanding the dynamics of the Japanese economy. By gauging business sentiment and expectations, it provides valuable insights into current conditions, future outlook, and potential risks. The surveys influence extends beyond economists and policymakers, as it aids businesses in making informed decisions and adjustments to their strategies. Monitoring the BOJ Tankan survey is essential for anyone interested in understanding the Japanese economic landscape.


Minoru Shiina