We support variety of products to boost sales in Japan

Case studies 01

Food (dried fruit): Online food purchases are still in the early market and there is much room to enter and expand. 


The product has unique selling propositions; however, the client struggled to develop an appealing product page with images and text.

Additionally, there was lack of keyword optimization to help the audience find the pages.

Improved product page messaging, keyword settings, and ad optimization

Case studies 02

Digital gadgets (Smart watch): for a highly competitive product, it is important to identify the blind spots.


In the very competitive market of smart watches, the struggles ranged from ROAS, profit rates, value propositions.

Improved ROAS by adopting better keywords and page optimization. Additionally, deep-dived into consumer insights, and identified the unmet needs of competitors. After a minor update to the product, sales increased 200% for 3 months straight.

Case studies 03

Beauty (skin care products): Super competitive market, yet the right strategy can uplift the turnover by 3x or even more 


It was the first time for the client had started an Amazon page. Involved in the initial launch phase of the product.

Multiple promotions and campaigns drove a lot of exposure and traction from the early stages of the launch.