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    Widgets and gadgets, beauty and cosmetics, food and raw materials, health and wellness, sports, and SaaS and IT services, and more.

    For our e-commerce service, we can start from USD500/month for one product line, which is more for a test marketing. For B2B distribution and sourcing, we need to factor in the product unit price, gross margin, volume, and other elements otherwise there is no feasibility to bring that product/service to Japan.

    Yes, we can help with localization for sales and marketing collaterals. Translation is only a part, and we can develop those materials to catch the attention of local prospects with our proven knowledge and experience of business development.

    For distribution, with our e-commerce service, you can start from USD500/month to test your products/services. For finding out B2B distribution channel, please contact us. For sourcing, in most cases, we can work with full commission-basis.

    We have worked with countries such as Singapore, U.S., UK., France, Israel, and other English-speaking countries because our principle is to have transparency for all parties involved including buyers, sellers, and us.

    It will take at least 3-6 months to see results with comprehensive business information such as value propositions, key targets, key messages, positioning, competitor set, and others. Also, the bigger the goal is, the longer it takes.

    Our scope is advisory, research, business development, branding, marketing, sales, alliance and partnership development and management, customer service, and everything in between to bring successful business opportunity to our customers.